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Frequently Asked Questions about Levels

Q.   You mention the term Inviter, what must I do to invite another person?

A.   To invite someone is to explain to another person the benefits of joining our gifting community. Remember to use the proper terminology, because this is not a business and no one "earns" anything. Remember anyone you invite must be over 18. Please refer to the Activity Guidelines for help.

Q.   I can't seem to find an explanation of the term, interested. Can you explain?

A.   When a new member joins our community they express an interest in each of our levels by checking one or more boxes on the registration page.

The system then determines who will be the beneficiary of that gift. The new member receives a welcome email with their Beneficiary's information. Each of the Beneficiaries receives an email notifying them to expect a gift and the contact information for the new member.

Q.   So I have to re-join to add a new level?

A.   No, if you are already a member you can upgrade your interest at any time. The Member Home page lists your status and allows you to upgrade.

Q.   Okay, so the next step is generous?

A.   Yes, your Beneficiary must log back into the system and check off that they received your gift. That makes you generous.

Q.   What if my Beneficiary hasn't paid their web fees or has another problem?

A.   Good question. The system checks for problems before determining who becomes your Beneficiary. Unpaid web fees will cause them to be skipped over.

Q.   What if my Beneficiary just doesn't get around to it?

A.   We do everything to encourage members to be responsible. We send them an e-mail. A note shows up in their sidebar. But, there may be many innocent reasons for a delay. Your Beneficiary could be on vacation, for example. Any delays over a week are taken care of by the site administrator.

Q.   During this delay, if I invite another person, could their gift be assigned to another Beneficiary because I wasn't generous yet?

A.   No, you must be sharing before you are eligible to receive gifts. When you invite a new person, their welcome page and email will clearly spell out who receives what. Your name and member number should show up there. If it doesn't:

Remember , if you are inviting a new member, you will show up as their Inviter. You won't be receiving a gift until you are interested, generous and sharing at any particular level.

Q.   Can we walk through an example?

A.   Amy is interested and generous at the $500 level. Which means she has joined at the $500 level and sent off her gift as instructed.

Can you see how important it is to share at each level as soon as possible?

Q.   Give me another example.

A.   Mark joins, is interested and generous at the $500 level. (Meaning he has joined and sent a gift).

We found an excellent video explanation of this.

Q.   I am interested, generous and sharing at the $500 level and the $1,000. When I upgrade to $3000, do I get credit for the $1500 from the lower levels?

A.   No, each level is separate. You must be interested, generous and sharing at each level individually. Also, you must progress though each level in turn. You can't upgrade to $3000 without going through $2000 first. You can indicate your interest in $2000 and $3000 at the same time, however.

Q.   On the registration page, you mention different gifting preferences. Can you explain?

A.   Every member has a preferred type of gift. Some folks don't want cash sitting around. Checks bounce. Money orders have fees. Decide what you want and how you're going to deal with it.

Every gift will arrive with a printed out welcome page, a signed gifting form and a signed non solicitation form. Our system does not keep copies of these. Create a filing system to keep these important forms.

Q.   When someone upgrades, do they retain their original ID number?

A.   Yes

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