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How It Works

This incredible, revolutionary, 1-up-to-infinity cash-flow system focuses on people helping people. If you have been searching for a unique system that really works, you have finally found it. If you are looking for a financial break-through in your life then you have come to the right place!

With this ingenious system, you can immediately and dramatically change your financial life! Our system is simple and based upon the power of one!

Our gifting community requires you to be three things: Interested, Generous and Sharing. What could be simpler?

The tracking and placement of all the members within is handled for you automatically on the internet through our community's safe and secure custom website.

Show Interest. You log into the website and join our private, by-invitation-only community. You are then notified via email with your ID number and specific information about where you should send your gift.

At that point, you are generous and the domino effect begins creating your personal financial freedom.

Next step, share.YOU then invite your first person to join and become a member. This first person is your qualifier, and he is assigned to your inviter or to the qualified person's inviter. This software automatically tracks it for you.

From this point on, YOU are interested, generous, sharing and also in the receiving position FOREVER! YOU are now the person in control of your financial destiny.

This is a NEW CONCEPT that is a 1-up-to -infinity structure. There are NO BOARDS to fill, NO MATRIXES to split or stall, and NO BINARY to balance. The 1-up structure is superior and mathematically out-performs ANY other program out there.

The second person you invite begins your 1st "Receiving Line of Wealth to Infinity," and he will send his gift directly to you. That person must qualify just like you did. His qualifying person will send her financial gift to you, AND all of the qualifying people in her Receiving Line down to infinity will send their financial gifts to YOU as well. In other words, everyone you invite AFTER the first person will send their gift to you.

It may be hard to grasp this structure the first time, so the Example Chart or a video should help explain it.

Now remember, this is only your 1st Receiving Line, but it doesn't stop there! Each and every NEW person you personally invite to become a member begins a NEW Receiving Line. YOU can invite as many NEW people as you want, to create 3, 5, 10, 20 even 100 NEW Receiving Lines of wealth to infinity.

Here's where you can begin to VISUALIZE the steady stream of cash that's generated by this powerful system and it's all based upon The Power of One! It's real, it's life-changing, and it's simple.

Just figure it out for yourself how the Power of One will dramatically change your life. Write out the strategy of everyone inviting just 1 new person each and every week. Now calculate this out for 50 weeks. Do you think you could do this?

Absolutely YOU can! In fact, SOME people are inviting 1 new person every day or every other day! When you realize that YOU are receiving financial gifts from ALL of the qualifiers to infinity from each new Receiving Line you are creating, you won't be able to sleep tonight!

This is the power of exponential growth to infinity!

Another very important aspect of our activity is the system and tools that are in place for you to be successful. These are just some of the tools that are available:

This incredible revolutionary 1-up to infinity structure has created SO much excitement. By practicing the true spirit of people helping people, you WILL create positive changes in your financial future.

Don't wait another day. . . . Seize The Moment!

NOW is the time to take action!

Make the decision to join us now. Get back to the person who referred you to Out Of This World Fundraising and enter their number on Join Now page. Follow the brief instruction and you can get started toward your new financial life.

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