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No one under the age of 18 is permitted to participate in the adult activity. Sharing this activity is by personal, one-to-one invitation only! Privacy is paramount. There shall be no advertising or broadcasting regarding this activity, its web address, and/or private phone numbers, i.e., no email spamming, no fax blasts, no direct mail, etc.

There are no organized gatherings of any kind such as hotel or restaurant meetings, for the purpose of inviting participants. Such gatherings would violate the privacy of the activity and give the appearance of commerce or trade.

Within 24 hours of accepting the invitation, each new participant should contact the Person they are sending their pledge to for personal information and gift preferences. (cash, cashier's check, money order, and the address to send the gift).

The new participant will send the gift along with signed Gifting and Non-Solicitation Statements, via private overnight courier, such as FedEx, Airborne, UPS, etc. (Recipient's Choice).

The new participant must give the Person they are Gifting a courier tracking number for the gift in order to be accepted. If no tracking number or gift is received within a reasonable amount of time and after correspondence the new participant will not be allowed to invite new members.

In this private activity? Gifts are given freely and without consideration. There is to be absolutely no selling. A gift does not involve the selling of anything and does not earn rights to anything. Therefore a "Gift" cannot be sold or exploited for any purpose.

There is to be no solicitation of participants in this activity for other interests, activities or businesses. Participants must always respect the privacy of the activity and its participants.

Any participant found to be in violation of these guidelines will be uninvited from the activity.


In communicating with others, it is VERY IMPORTANT that we use the appropriate terminology.

Participants DO use the following terminology in the activity:

Gift Give Receive
I have gifted I have received Participation
Golden Rule Invited by Constitutional Rights
Sharing Gifter Helping others
Right to give Giving Nice people
Register your gift Associates Fellow man
Kindness Caring I gave
Participant Giving Free association
Activity Family Community

Participants DO NOT use the following terminology in the activity:

Investment Paid Earnings Make
Profits Dividends Player
Down-line Up-line Return
Net Play the board Play the house
Took In Paid off Paid out
Sponsor Sign-up Purchase
Guarantee Assured Buy Sure bet
Earn Multiply your money Pay
Getting Paid Recruit Buy-in
Keeping your website up-to-date without emptying your wallet
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